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With Vigorelle®, you (women) will enjoy the following exciting benefits:

  • A Gel That Instantly Arouses you.
  • Increases Sexual Desire and Brings Pleasurable Sensations.
  • Reduces Vaginal Dryness.
  • A Non-Sticky Gel That Is Unlike Any Store-Bought Lubes.
  • A Doctor Recommended Formula That Ensures Optimal Results.

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​An Instant Arousal Formula To Increase Women’s Sexual Desire

Vigorelle® is a natural, touch-activated formula that makes lovemaking sessions even more sensational and pleasurable. This instant turn-on gel works by heightening a female’s sexual desires that transform each touch into a sensuous and sexually exciting feeling.

Vigorelle® is an instantly arousing cream that starts working its magic the moment it is applied to a woman’s intimate parts. This natural and herbal cream can be applied before or during a lovemaking session to increase the heat of the moment and make the experience highly enjoyable.

This all-natural formula triggers an intensely erotic cycle that is full of lust and fulfillment. Since Vigorelle® is an herbal formula, it does not include any harmful chemicals, so you can relax knowing that there aren’t any dangerous adverse effects. In fact, you can be assured that it is far superior to any drugstore lubricants too.

So, get ready to hit your high spot. And no, it is not just an expression with Vigorelle®; it’s your reality. We promise you an intense, toe-curling lovemaking session backed by a 67-day, risk-free money-back guarantee.


Vigorelle® is the ultimate elixir of eroticism that reduces vaginal dryness and pushes women over the edge. This soothing and exciting water-based formula is hypo-allergenic. Thus, it is near impossible for women to experience an allergic reaction. Its formulation includes:



L-Arginine is an amino acid that is known for its ability to dilate blood vessels. Dilated blood vessels heighten sexual desires and make the female intimate parts touch-sensitive, thus enabling the user to reach climax.

Ginkgo Biloba

​Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo Biloba is a skin moisturizer that is proven to amplify women’s sexual desires. The effects of Ginkgo Biloba were studied in 2008, showing it yielded high satisfaction levels for women with a history of experiencing Anorgasmia in the bedroom.

Wild Yam

​​Wild Yam

Wild Yam is a native North American plant that is known for its medicinal properties and, in this case, creating estrogen. It helps correct hormonal imbalances and prevents their negative effects on a woman’s sex drive.

Damiana Leaf

​Damiana Leaf

Damiana Leaf is an extensively used wild shrub known to boost a female’s sexual desire. It contains alkaloids that increase the sensitivity in a woman’s genitals by redirecting blood flow.


​Suma Root

This South American medicinal root rebalances a woman’s hormones and provides oxygen to the cells. The Suma Root is known to keep the female sexual desires on edge that, in turn, heightens the bedroom experience for them.

Peppermint Leaf

Peppermint Leaf

Peppermint Leaf works as a lubricant to reduce vaginal dryness. It increases the level of relaxation and positively affects the nervous system.



Motherwort is a medicinal plant that reduces hot flashing and decreases anxiety levels. It also improves the female libido by stimulating blood flow towards the genitals, thus making them extra sensitive and responsive to touch.


​Olive Squalene, Shea Butter, and Apricot Kernel Oil

This spa-like mixture is the key ingredient of Vigorelle. It is the secret ingredient that makes Vigorelle an instantly arousing cream, ensuring you come back to using it repeatedly. The blend of butter and oils works to excite a woman sexually and moisten her intimate parts. This way, the lovemaking sessions become more intense, and women experience the height of fulfillment, often something they haven’t experienced in a long time.



So awesome! It does everything it’s supposed to do and …

"So awesome! It does everything it's supposed to do and it does it really well. I only took a star off because the seal was broken and the top was dented."


It works.

"The pump did not function because the inner tube was missing."


Best product

"Very good"


Five Stars

"Excellent gift for couples"


Most effective cream.

"Love the quality and effectiveness. Will continue to purchase if the price remains the same!"



"This is AWSOME!!! My wife and I are having the most fascinating SEX!! She is READY TO GO in few minutes and the foreplay is reduce to 50%. Less foreplay more SEX! Recommended anytime."


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