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Get Your Bladder Back Into Shape – The Best Natural Bladder Control Formulation

Confitrol 24® is the best, clinically proven formulation designed to help women reduce symptoms associated with urinal incontinence. Users start noticing a difference after just two weeks. The breakthrough formulation has, over the years, won multiple awards and is known for addressing the issue in the shortest time possible. It is by far the best natural way to eliminate bladder issues:

  • Eliminate the instance of uncomfortable leaks and often humiliating accidents.
  • Decrease the urge to “go.”
  • No more sleep-deprived bathroom runs.
  • It helps you effectively stay dry longer, reducing the need for pads.
  • Strengthen your pelvic floor, sphincter muscles, and bladder walls.
  • Alleviate the urge and stress of the issue.
  • Use a 100% safe and proven formula backed by clinical studies.

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Drastically Reduce Incontinence, Regardless of Your Age!

Are you frustrated with:

  • Having to sprint over to the bathroom, only for a few seconds?
  • Wake up several times at night to “go.”
  • Annoying urges to “go” regardless of where you are or what you may be doing
  • Embarrassing leaks when you least expect it

Cratevox - Is the patented brand name for Craeteva Nurvala and is often referred to as a miracle worker for the bladder. Crevetox works to promote elasticity of the bladder, which makes it easier for it to contract and expand, putting an end to the urge to constantly “go.”

Lindera Aggregata – Finally, we’ve included Lindera Aggregata, an antioxidant designed to prevent oxidative damage in the urinary tract. It also works as an anti-aging agent in the bladder so that people can have more control over it, like how it was when they were young.

If you have bladder problems, we urge you to act right away! Give Confitrol 24® a shot; we guarantee it will change your life.

Make Your Bladder Young Again With Confitrol 24®

Confitrol 24® is a formulation developed by professionals with years of experience both learning about the ingredients and researching them. Every ingredient in the blend shores up your bladder in its own way.

Numerous studies have shown that when these ingredients are combined, they work synergistically to offer greater bladder control. That’s why the formulation is so effective.
Below is a breakdown of how each ingredient in the Confitrol 24® blend works.

Raw Horsetail

Many people use horsetail in various forms for bladder ailments. Whether used internally or externally, horsetail is helpful for hemoptysis, the leaking of urine, or incontinence. Some people drink horsetail tea, which can be brewed by putting one teaspoon of dried horsetail in one cup of boiling water and letting it steep for 15 minutes. The extract is then consumed as a tea or applied externally. If ingested, horsetail is also beneficial for the skin. It is also often used in face tonics for this very reason.

Another benefit of horsetail is its ability to help prevent kidney stones. Its astringent properties help flush the urinary tract. The herb also tightens the lining of the urinary tract. It is an excellent diuretic, which increases urine output while preserving electrolytes.

Raw horsetail also contains several trace minerals and flavonoids. Some of its most notable properties include being an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, diuretic, and antibacterial, among other things. Moreover, Horsetail also has anti-bacterial and antimicrobial properties, which help strengthen and firm the bladder muscles.


Cratevox contains the specialized extract of Crataeva nurvala. It has several levels of standardization to guarantee consistent quality. The ingredient is gluten-free and vegan, available as a dietary supplement. It is a safe, effective solution for bladder discomfort. This product has several potential benefits, including increased bladder control, reduced frequency and nocturia, and less frequent urination.

The combination of cranberry and lingonberry reduces the risk of urinary tract infections by about 20%. While it is not explicitly designed to treat UTIs, Cratevox for the bladder is safe and free from adverse effects.

The ingredient is highly effective in treating urinary incontinence. Unlike over-the-counter medications, Cratevox contains natural ingredients that have been known to reduce frequency, urgency, and leakage.

Lindera Aggregata

A recent study involving a Chinese herbal remedy called Lindera Aggregata has shown promising results in treating bladder damage. This extract contains Catechin, Norisoboldine, Boldine, Epicatechin, Isoquercitrin, Linderane, and Isolinderalactone, respectively. This extract was also known as Lindenenol.

In Chinese medicine, Lindera Aggregata has been used to treat urinary tract and kidney problems for a long time. Its use has been attributed to being a potent antioxidant and an affinity for the urinary tract. Its benefits in bladder repair include reducing urinary tract infections, consequently promoting healthy bladder and kidney function.

The extracts from Lindera aggregata inhibit the rebound of BUN, Scr, NGAL, UP, and KI. In addition, the plant has anti-inflammatory properties that inhibit interstitial fibrosis and inflammation. Lindera aggregata inhibits the metabolic pathways of tryptophan and glycerophospholipid.

Confitrol 24® Clinical Trial Shows Major Promise At Queensland University

In 2014, the School of Medicine University of Queensland discovered something unique when studying ingredients in what’s now called Confitrol 24®. The discovery bears excellent news for those suffering from bladder issues. The researchers wanted to find out if the product and its ingredients had the potential to curb instances of accidental leaks.

The university gathered 150 participants suffering from bladder issues to run an eight-week double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial.

Each participant was split into groups of two. One of them received Confitrol 24®, while the other got a placebo. After the eight weeks ended, the researchers saw some fantastic results.

Every participant had to keep a journal. The journal would log their trips to the bathroom and highlight any accidents while rating their urgency levels. The journal also documented every time they woke up at night to visit the toilet.

The results were then entered into a database, after which a complex analysis was performed.

The results from the analysis showed:

Participants who received a placebo didn’t see any improvement. But those who received Confitrol 24® for eight weeks had reported:

  • Far fewer trips to the bathroom.
  • They felt a lot less urgent throughout the day.
  • They slept more peacefully because they didn’t have to take nighttime trips.
  • Far fewer incidences of accidental leaks.

Ex Vivo Study Shows Horsetail’s Scavenging and Antioxidant Activities

The study showed that there is potential for Horsetail being a plant capable of eliminating free radicals, which end up damaging the bladder. Horsetail belongs to the genus Equisetum, also referred to as “Scouring Rush.”

A 2008 study performed by analyzing the properties and the effects of horsetail showed that it had scavenging and antioxidant activities. Therefore, it has the potential to strengthen the liver and bladder.

All three active ingredients are in Confitrol 24®, which helps users get more control over their bladder.

Rid yourself of bladder problems today…choose Confitrol 24®.


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