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Stop Grow Hair Growth Inhibitor

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Stop Grow® Hair Growth provides the user with a wide range of benefits:

  • Reduces Unwanted Hair on Your Body
  • Prevents The Growth of Body Hair in the Future
  • Suitable For Men and Women alike
  • Effectively Removes Hair from All Body Parts
  • Decreases the Need for Shaving or Waxing by 82%
  • Suitable For All Skin Colors and Pigments

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Removes 69% Of Unwanted Body Hair

Stop Grow Hair Growth Inhibitor is a proven formula that removes and stops the growth of unwanted body hair. It is a skin-friendly formula that decreases 69% of unwanted hair in men without harming the skin.

Stop Grow is effective for both men and women. It is a painless and hassle-free formula that naturally inhibits the growth of unwanted body hair in women, thus reducing the frequency of various hair removal activities like shaving, waxing, etc. drastically.

Stop Grow works by disturbing the anagen, a phase where new hairs are getting ready to sprout up, thus nipping the problem in the bud. The best thing about Stop Grow™ is that it can be applied to any part of your body that has unwanted hair growth. Men usually prefer to keep their chest and back hair-free, whereas, for women, it is the legs, underarms, and upper lips.

Stop Grow is the solution to your unwanted body hair problem. It allows you to feel confident, proud, and ready to show off your sexy body instead of hiding it underneath layers of clothes.


Stop Grow is a hair growth halting formula that removes unwanted hair and prevents them from returning in the future. Its formulation comprises various active ingredients that reduce the need for tedious hair-removing procedures like waxing or shaving. Its main ingredients include:



There is a saturated fatty acid called lauric acid that is derived from coconut and palm kernel oils. This lauric acid contains Decelerine, which is a clinically proven topical compound. According to a study conducted to evaluate the effectiveness of Decelerine, a 3% concentrated application for 60 consecutive days brought on an 82% decrease in the need for waxing or shaving.

Phosphatidyl Choline


Telocapil is a hair growth delaying ingredient that significantly reduces the quantity of newly sprouting hair. This natural active ingredient works by plugging the IGF-1 receptor’s tyrosine kinase activity. In simpler words, Telocapil signals the body to stop the sprouting of new hair during the growth phase.

To evaluate Telocapil ‘s effects, a study was conducted where participants were instructed to apply Telocapil daily on one leg and a placebo on the other for a period of 2-months. At the end of the test study, over 93% of participants reported a significant decrease in their body hair and were satisfied with the results.



Pilisoft is the key ingredient in the formulation and one which allows it to yield such promising results. It works by mimicking the hair inhibiting effects of gymnemic acids L and reduces cellular activity in hair follicles. This causes the epilation and depilation processes of hair removal to become almost painless while reducing the need to remove hair frequently.


Allantoin is an anti-inflammatory that soothes damaged skin. It stimulates the skin’s ability to retain moisture and works as an exfoliator to remove dead and damaged skin cells. This allows its users to attain bright, beautiful, and smooth skin with a toned complexion.



Panthenol is a common ingredient used widely in an array of skincare products and cosmetics. Its moisturizing and keratolytic properties allow it to reduce cellular proliferation. Panthenol works by reaching the hair’s roots to disrupt cellular hair follicles, preventing the sprouting of new hair.



100 percent results from this treatment

Hi guy's, I have used this treatment and I got 100 percent results from this treatment. This treatment is not having any side effects. You all must purchase this item. Thanks.


So far so good!

Initial results are positive. I am hoping to see a continued reduction in hair growth over the next few weeks.


It worked for me.

I have been using this product for about a year on and off, I have no complaints. It does What it claims.


Stop Grow work great to remove unwanted hair.

I tried and it work. Very little hair grows back at first time. I am very happy that it worked, hair free where I wanted forever.



It takes dedication to use but it definitely works


Completely satisfied!

I read all the reviews on Amazon and almost didn't order this since the reviews were pretty negative, especially since I am prone to ignoring some instructions. My facial hair was fairly coarse and thick for a woman, so I decided to give the product a try. I began using the product as soon as I received it. At first I used it a couple times a day (not the three times as recommended). I did rub the cream in completely. When I noticed growth, I plucked the hair as recommended. After a couple weeks, I noticed the growth had slowed quite a bit and the texture of the hair that did come in had changed. It was sparse and the hair shaft was thinner. I have been using the product for about 6 weeks now and the growth has continued to slow and the hair is becoming thinner still. Sometimes I only use product once a day and have even skipped a day on occasion. I have to pluck a couple hairs, maybe once or twice a week. This is a vast improvement since before ordering the product. I am totally satisfied with these results and will continue using the product. For me, the amount of product has lasted much longer than expected. I only use a small amount and still have at least another 30-45 days of product left.


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