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VigRX Plus®

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VigRX Plus is one of the most popular 100% natural supplements proven to improve the quality of your erections and boost libido. The supplement works by mainly increasing levels of nitric oxide in the blood. We offer a risk-free trial, backed by a 100% money-back guarantee.
Regular use of VigRX Plus will help you achieve:

  • Fuller and harder erections
  • Stay hard for longer
  • More sexual appetite
  • A 100% natural formulation

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About VigRX® Plus

If anything, it will make you feel like a new man!

VigRX® Plus is a male sexual enhancement formulation minus and fillers and delivers the results we guarantee. In fact, we're putting our hard-earned money where our mouth is with a money-back guarantee.

Get Better Sex, Harder Erections, and Satisfy your partner like never before.

Clinical results from extensive testing show that men:

  • See a 58.97% increase in their ability to penetrate their partners
  • A 61% increase in their sexual desire
  • A 62.82% increase in their ability to maintain an erection
  • 71.43 % increase in their sexual satisfaction levels

Dear Men,

We would ask that you refrain from sex until you have read this entire message. If anything, this is the most important message you should read.


Today, over 30,000,000 men in the USA alone suffer from erection problems. The Cleveland Clinic states that 1 in 10 men complain of erection problems.

Yes, it is scary, especially when you learn that the problem only becomes worse.

By the time men are in their 40s, their chances of dealing with erection issues increase by 40%. It can even become a significant issue overnight.

The good news is that VigRX® Plus helps to improve the quality of your sex life in general. You experience higher libido, a boost in sexual performance, and the sex life you could only dream of having.

VigRX® Plus is also something you can try risk-free. That's because it's backed by a 100% satisfaction and moneyback guarantee.

Clinically Tested And Shown To Improve Sexual Satisfaction, Hardness, and Libido

A clinical study consisting of 75 men between the ages of 25 and 50 who complained of erectile issues were split into two groups one was put on a regime of VigRX® Plus, and the other group received a placebo for 84 days.


The placebo group reported no significant change in their sexual life. In other words, there was nothing to report.
The group that was given VigRX® Plus saw a significant difference in their sex lives.

The men reported having:

  • Harder erections
  • Libido that was through the roof
  • And erections that lasted for a very long time

Put simply: they reported having better sex. The best part of this study was that the results were all made possible with a 100% natural supplement. The supplement does not have any adverse effects, unlike competing drugs.
If anything, the VigRX® Plus formula won by a very wide margin, which is a win for all men who have erectile dysfunction or a lack of libido.

Endorsed by Sexual Health Expert Dr. Steven Lamm

VigRX® Plus receives Dr. Steven Lamm's seal of approval, which is a big deal considering his over 43 years of experience as a board-certified doctor. He has made numerous appearances on television shows like The View, The New York Times, and The Wall Street Journal as a male sexual health expert.

Dr. Steven Lamm has only put his name behind the formulation because, in his experience, it can help men with their sexual issues. After all, as the Director of NYU's Center of Men's Health, he is obligated to speak nothing but the truth. That's one of the reasons why people trust VigRX® Plus and why many men have got their lives back.

The Science Behind The So-called "All-Night Long" Erection

As a man, you already know that achieving a hard erection is both physical and mental. Blood flow is what leads to a hard erection. That's why a lack of flow will often mean your erections aren't firm. So, the more blood flow, the better!

The way VigRX® Plus works is by triggering the nitric oxide production mechanism in the body, which opens up the flood gates, or should we say blood gates.

However, it is just as much a mental feat. Your state of mind will drastically affect the quality of your erections.
Worry, stress, and anxiousness will kill your erection.

Negative emotions make you feel weak, that's why it is so essential to reduce stress, and that's another key in the VigRX® Plus formulation.

Get the Hardest, Strongest Erections Than Ever Before

"Man! Does this thing work."
-Alphonso B

"My wife loves it, and naturally, so do I."
-Charles K

"VigRX® Plus gives me a strong erection, better than I could ever imagine."
-Brennan D

"My erections are through the roof with my libido."
-David B

"It's like natural Viagra!"

What If you Could Achieve Hard Erections Quick?

What would your partner think about you? If anything, the expression on their face will be anything but what you're used to seeing. No matter your age, a hard erection excites women.

Not only is your erection hard, but your libido is through the roof because VigRX® Plus is a nitric oxide booster, ensuring that you remain hard for a very long time.

Nitric oxide is a sex stimulator which makes it one of the most important gases in our bodies. If anything, it translates to great erections and great sex too.

"Amazing Sex Drive"

"After taking VigRX® Plus for a few weeks, the difference is night and day."
-Donald O

"VigRX® Plus has delivered the best sex life I've had in years."
-Edward D

"VigRX® Plus has made be super horny all the time."
-Richard Mahon, New York, NY

If your sex drive is down the gutter, beware that this isn't normal. While it is natural to not be in the mood sometimes, all the time is a bad sign.

Lacking the desire to get in on with your partner is never fun, and the experience can ruin your relationship.

Your libido problems can spill into other facets of life. Guilt, shame, and the potential of ruining a great relationship are all part and parcel of not having a great sex life.

Not to mention that it puts you on an emotional roller-coaster.

VigRX® Plus is one of the most significant game-changers for men suffering from erectile dysfunction and libido issues.

By supplementing with VigRX® Plus, you can expect:

  • Your sex life coming back to life.
  • The build-up of sexual desire.
  • Experience the strong and frequent urge for sex.

If anything, VigRX® Plus changes everything about your sex life; combined with a cocktail of proven ingredients, your sex drive will go through the roof.

100% Natural Formulation

That's right; it is a 100% natural, primarily herbal formulation that's been clinically studied with zero adverse effects.

In fact, this isn't just a single ingredient formulation. Instead, we've combined 10 major ingredients and added BioPerine to increase absorption rates.

The formulation will increase hardness and boost your stamina in bed.

However, unlike so many other competing brands, we don't hide behind the veiled statement of "proprietary" formula. We've sold 1.2 million boxes since 2007 and counting, which is saying something.

All you need is to take 2 pills a day and twice a day, so a total of 4 pills every day.

It's quick and simple!

See eye-popping results in just 2 weeks.

However, the results everyone experiences will vary. However, most people start seeing results in as few as 2 weeks. But that's provided you take VigRX® Plus daily.

If anything, you can start seeing the amazing results VigRX® Plus offers in a matter of weeks.

You don't need a:

  • Prescription to buy
  • No doctor visits
  • No experiencing jitters
  • Any other adverse effects

"Your Age Is Nothing But A Number"

"I experience firmer and more frequent erections even at age 79!"
-Lou P

"I've used VigRX® Plus for just three weeks, and at 46, my sex drive is like it was when I was 21."
-Gregory Grove, Michigan

"I may be 70, but I have the erections of a 30-year old."
-Norris Peterson, Minnesota

We could go on and on because VigRX® Plus has helped men of all ages. Regardless of your age, it all boils down to having excellent blood flow. Increase your blood flow, and it will be directly proportional to harder erections.

Fun in Bed, Whenever You're In The Mood

"I've seen the best results of any supplement after just 2 weeks of taking VigRX® Plus."
-Muzammil A

"My wife is a very happy camper!"
-Charles K

"I've seen a 10X improvement in my sex life."

"I've become more confident, and my sex has improved too."

"I get super hard erections"
-Jason Quinones, Florida

"It has helped my husband a great deal"

"It works like magic and makes my wife happy."

VigRX® Plus gets you in the mood so that you can enjoy sex as you did as a teen. Start seeing results unlike what you might have seen in a long time.
You will love VigRX® Plus, and thank us too. Not to mention your partner thanking you for taking action and changing your sex life.

Try VigRX® Plus Risk Free Today!

"You need to buy VigRX® Plus"
-Brennan D

"The best male enhancement pill on the market!"
-Alphonso B

"Outstanding natural male enhancement pill"
-Greg Haywood, Florida

Now it is your turn to try VigRX® Plus and tell us how it has changed your life.
If anything, you've got nothing to lose with our 100% customer satisfaction, money-back guarantee. Also, try it from the comfort of your home with 100% discretion.

If you are not happy with VigRX® Plus for some odd reason, return all remaining boxes within 67-days, and we'll process a full refund, minus shipping and handling costs. We don't ask questions or make you jump through hoops.

Anyone enjoying rock-hard erections and sex with their partner does not have the time to ask for a refund!
Try it risk-free

Easy ordering.

Good luck!

VigRX® Plus Formulation

Why do so many people love VigRX Plus? Well, one reason is that it works. It uses a proprietary blend of 10 ingredients, including amino acids, herbs, minerals, and vitamins, which have been proven to improve men's sexual health. It works even for some of the most stubborn cases.
The formulation includes:


In its most basic form, it is called black pepper extract. It is a natural ingredient that studies show makes all ingredients in VigRX Plus 30% more effective. In fact, trials have shown an increase of 20-fold when it comes to improving bioavailability.


Men in Central and South America have used it for centuries as an aphrodisiac. It helps increase sexual stamina, helps men with conditions like erectile dysfunction, and ensures a satisfying climax. Mice studies have shown that Damiana also helps with boosting sexual frequency.

Epimedium Leaf Extract

There is a reason why it is called "Horny Goat Weed." Icariin is an active ingredient in the extract, which is directly responsible for harder erections. It boosts blood flow to the male sexual organs by raising natural nitric oxide levels. So, the result is faster hardness, higher testosterone levels, and more frequent sex.

Asian Red Ginseng

Studies have proven that Asian Red Ginseng is effective at treating mild sexual dysfunction. That is because of ginsenoside, which helps to pump blood to the brain and then the penis. So, you experience better sex.

Saw Palmetto Berry

The Journal of the American Medical Association found that this herb reduces symptomatic begin prostate hyperplasia. In other words, it relaxes the muscle tissue, which improves blood flow, and also regulates the hormones. It leads to your organs working better and raising energy levels.

Muira Pauma

It quite literally means "erection root." But apart from having a reputation, much of what we know about it is grounded in science. A study showed that regular use of Muira Pauma helped 61% of 262 men perform better in bed. They also acknowledged that it helped their libido.

Catuaba Bark Extract

It is native to Peru and Brazil. The extract has three alkaloids, which directly affect the nervous system helping you relax. It also dilates the blood vessels, which then creates greater sexual desire.

Hawthorn Berry

It is very rich in flavonoids and helps users to relax while dilating the arteries. The result is increased blood flow, which, as we already know, positively affects your sexual health. It is also great at lowering blood pressure and cholesterol.

Ginkgo Biloba

It is a herb that has been used in China since ancient times. It helps improve blood flow to the penis, which enhances sexual function. A study involving men taking Ginko Biloba found that 78% of them saw an improvement in their performance.

Clinical Study

What is so special about VigRX Plus? To understand that, you will also want to take a look at a few clinical studies.

Results from clinical studies have shown:

  • See a 58.97% increase in their ability to penetrate their partners
  • A 61% increase in their sexual desire
  • A 62.82% increase in their ability to maintain an erection
  • 71.43 % increase in their sexual satisfaction levels
  • An increase of 47% in sex drive

Now, these are some of the highlights from a study that was conducted way back in 2012. The study included 75 men between 25 and 50 put on VigRX Plus for 84 days.

The men were monogamous, heterosexual and were reporting mild to moderate instances of erectile dysfunction. None of them had a condition that directly affected their sexual performance.

Out of the two groups of men, one took VigRX Plus, and the other took a placebo. The double-blind study found that:
90% of the men taking VigRX Plus continued to take it even after the clinical trials ended. If anything, it shows just how effective it was at changing their lives.

To us, that's enough proof that VigRX Plus works.


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