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VigRX® Incontinix

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Incontinix is a doctor-recommended men’s bladder support formula that has been clinically proven. A recent study on VigRX® Incontinix suggests that it can improve ALL aspects of bladder health in less than eight weeks. The most noticeable improvements include a 62% reduction in the urge to urinate and a 50% reduction in leaks. This three-part formula is entirely natural, has undergone 14 clinical trials, and is covered by 24 global patents.

  • Lessen the urge to “go” during your daily activities.
  • Reduce the number of nighttime trips to the bathroom.
  • Natural bladder strengthening.
  • A hundred per cent satisfaction and 67 days money back guarantee.

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Is Having a Weak Bladder Getting You Down?

  • Do you wake up in the middle of the night to pee?
  • Do you frequently feel the need to urinate during the day?
  • Are you fed up with a hyperactive bladder?

Rest assured that you are not the only one suffering from this problem.

According to statistics, more than 25 million Americans experience bladder discomfort.

And these are the people that have reported the problem and are seeking remedies. Many others suffering in silence are not even represented, which means there are many more people than reported. In other words, the actual number may be A LOT higher.

Sadly, there is some more bad news.

Medical experts in urology agree that these health issues tend to worsen over time.

Therefore, if you neglect your bladder health now, be prepared to face severe consequences of this neglect.

What are your options?

Dealing with a weak bladder is a nightmare that continues throughout the night and follows you around during the day as well. It consistently disrupts sleep at night, resulting in drained energy and fatigue during the day, which is a time when one needs to be the most alert.

You may also develop the unhealthy habit of consuming less water if you frequently feel the need to urinate. While this may be an easy hack that may look helpful, the long-term health implications of this habit are too severe to ignore. All medical professionals agree that proper bodily function depends on maintaining adequate hydration. As a result, depriving yourself of water will only exhaust your body further and increase your vulnerability to illnesses.

Is there any other option, though? Can you do something to improve your bladder function while maintaining proper hydration?  Some men seek medical advice. However well-intentioned the doctor may be, many medical professionals merely state that bladder issues are a "normal" part of aging. But making countless trips to the restroom does not feel normal!

Fortunately, we have some very good news:

There is now a new bladder health breakthrough available for men. This is a 100% natural and clinically proven effective option.

Not only that, but the results also come through quickly as well!

Therefore, it might only take two weeks for you to notice a big difference. What's more, it works regardless of your age!

View the astounding clinical study findings by reading the section below.

VigRX Incontinix

Clinically Tested & Proven To Reduce Urges To “Go”

Rarely do natural bladder remedies undergo clinical research involving actual human subjects. However, the 14 trials that examined the nicotinic formula under strict settings produced astounding findings.

For instance:

Volunteers were given Incontinix during an 8-week, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial. They recounted the following improvements;

  • Significantly decreased daytime bathroom visits.
  • There were fewer trips to go pee at night.
  • Leaks problem fell by 50%.
  • Life quality thus improved overall as a result of better sleep and enhanced energy levels.

Researchers conducting the trials evaluated the results extensively and were delighted to find that ALL parameters of bladder health showed significant improvement. The renowned medical journal BMC Complementary Medicine and Therapies also published these striking findings.

Start Feeling Relief In As Little As 2 Weeks

Inctoninix is a clinically proven formula designed to deliver quick and effective results. According to studies, people who took this formula regularly experienced significant improvements within just two weeks.

And that's not all. With regular use, the results get even better over time.

Can you imagine experiencing fewer bladder problems and urges to urinate in just two weeks? Consider the relief you'd feel just thinking about this possibility. And this relief is even easier to attain than you might imagine.

VigRX Incontinix

Incontinix strengthens your bladder muscles. Pelvic Floor & Sphincter for Superior Support

There are three distinct ways in which our formula supports your bladder health. It provides better bladder control throughout the day and night by strengthening the muscles in the pelvic wall, bladder, and sphincter!

And the best part is:

You get to experience greater control and greater tranquillity; WITHOUT restricting any liquid intake, WITHOUT trying to flounder through any bizarre pelvic exercises, and WITHOUT depending on any prescription medications.

VigRX Incontinix

This Three-Part Bladder Support Formula Contains Only Natural Ingredients.

The bladder control formula in Incontinix is composed of three clinically approved ingredients. Over 20 years of cutting-edge research has delivered a tested and perfected potent formulation.

The all-natural formula was put to the test throughout a whopping 14 clinical trials, making this Incontinix formula one of the most researched natural bladder breakthroughs in the world. And for that reason, this unique formula has 24 global patents.

Each serving of Incontinix gives you an 840 mg dose, which is the amount that has been clinically tested. In just eight weeks, it was demonstrated that using this amount would cut urgency by 62% and leakages by 50%. Additionally, by taking the clinically studied dose of 840mg, studies have shown that it enhances life quality in general and sleep quality in particular.

VigRX Incontinix Supplement

Bladder-Control Extract #1 Cratevox™ (Crataeva Nurvala)

Crataeva Nurvala is the first bladder control extract present in Incontinix. It has been used for centuries to treat urinary problems. This herb has also been clinically studied, and experts have deduced that it works by raising bladder capacity while improving bladder tone. This compound works by helping the user hold more fluids, thus eliminating the need to keep running to the bathroom.

However, researchers have further fortified Crataeva Nurvala's bladder-strengthening properties. They achieved this remarkable feat by employing a special patented process for producing a potent extract, CratevoxTM. By itself, Crataeva Nurvala extract is enough to lower your recurring urges to "go" and give you more control over your day.


Bladder-Control Extract #2 Lindera Aggregata

The second bladder control extract added to Incontinix is Lindera Aggregata. It acts as a bladder “anti-aging agent." Lindera Aggregata works by "winding back" the aging clock in the bladder. This makes you feel in control, as you did when you were young. You will be able to regain the sense of control of days gone by when you could down a whole six pack without even a second thought about the resulting trips to the bathroom and be able to release it all in healthy streams that scream vitality.

Lindera Aggregata

Bladder-Control Extract #3 Horsetail (Equisetum Arvense)

The third bladder control extract added to Incontinix is Equisetum Arvense, also commonly referred to as Horsetail. Are you aware that recommending natural alternatives can risk medical doctors' licenses? It's true. However, Horsetail is still the most widely recommended and used natural bladder control remedy. This is due to horsetail's potent anti-inflammatory properties, which support healthy bladder function.

Another revolutionary aspect of Incontinix is showcased in the studies showing a "synergistic" bladder strengthening effect when combined by Horsetail and Crataeva Nurvala. Together, they produce incredible results. To make the most potent formula, each dose of Incontinix contains a balanced amount of Horsetail, Crataeva Nurvalal, and CratevoxTM, the "supercharged" patented form of Crataeva Nurvala.

VigRX Incontinix

Safe & Successful A Daily Support System for Your Bladder

One of the most significant factors that set the Inctinix 3-part formula apart from its competitors is that it is entirely natural.

This unique mixture was examined in many clinical studies under stringent and tightly controlled settings. There were zero unfavourable side effects reported by any participant. Even more exciting news for anyone looking for a natural remedy for bladder problems is that the researchers involved in these studies were utterly blown away by the formula's efficacy AND safety. These studies can be read in the medical journal BMC Complementary Medicine and Therapies.

Now that the new formulation has been developed, you can confidently try and experience how it can support your bladder DAILY!

More Control & Less Urges To “Go” For Less Than A Daily Cup of “Joe”

What difference would it make in your life if you had better bladder control?

Is this the answer to all your sleeping problems? Will you be sleeping uninterruptedly through the night?

Is this the way to regain control over your daily routine? Does it simply mean fewer urges to "go" during the day?

Would it mean no more bladder issues?

What if you could finally put all your bladder concerns to rest without spending an arm and a leg?

The good news is:

Inctontinix costs less than a cup of morning coffee per day! You'll discover that this fantastic formulation offers a low-cost method of enhancing your bladder's natural health.

Bladder Control

You'll Experience More Bladder Control Or Your Money Back

As if Inctoninix couldn’t get any better, we’re backing it up with a 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee.

Here’s what that means for you:

You can try Inctontinix risk-free with our money-back guarantee. Simply place your order today. And if you’re not happy with experiencing more control over your bladder... Then simply send back the bottles within 67 days for a full refund of the purchase price. No questions asked.

VigRX Incontinix Guarantee

Acquire the Inner Peace You Deserve Today!

Regain control over your bladder right now.

The issue will probably only worsen the longer you refuse to address or even acknowledge it. So do not suffer in silence and place your order now.

Always keep in mind that your satisfaction is our priority, and results are guaranteed. Our steadfast 67-day money-back guarantee is available on all orders of Incontinix. You can place your order with confidence today.

To start your journey towards a better life, scroll up to the top of this page.

Mature Man Smiling

Are You Curious About Incontinix?

Incontinix is ideal for men who experience frequent bladder problems.

In light of this, if you are going through the following troubles:

  • Getting out of bed at night to pee.
  • You find yourself continuously enroute to the nearest bathroom.
  • If you feel as though your bladder controls your entire existence, you are utterly helpless when nature calls because the bladder is exhausted.

Then, Incontinix might be the right choice for you. 

If you are committed to improving your bladder health, regaining control, and you also intend to take Incontinix as a daily supplement, you can place your order right now.

Taking Incontinix does not require any complicated procedures.

The only requirement is that you take two capsules each day. That can be done in a matter of seconds. It really is as simple as that.

You will receive a COMPLETE 30-day supply from each bottle of Inctontinix, which contains 60 capsules.

Good point.

Then you've attempted to try bladder supplements in the past, and they didn't work as well as you wanted, correct?

So, what makes Incontinix unique?

Before we divulge our secret, let us put the following questions to you:

Did the last dietary supplement you tried have ANY ACTUAL clinical studies involving humans?

Your answer lies in the fact that the Inctontinix formula was tested in 14 separate clinical studies on real live humans. And guess what? You could look up every possible formula on the internet for bladder support, but none will be as thoroughly researched as the one you get with Incontinix.

Next question… What supplement did you most recently try that had patent protection?

In the drug and supplement business, owning a patent is crucial because you must demonstrate that the formula or process is effective and unique to qualify for a patent. Due to this stipulation, most supplements only contain generic ingredients, and very few of them actually contains patented ingredients. Now keep in mind that the Inctontinix formula is so unique and potent that it is protected by 24 global patents. It's quite an impressive achievement for a 100% natural bladder control product.

Finally, were any supplements you tried fully supported by a money-back guarantee?

We rest our case. The majority of businesses are afraid to offer a money-back guarantee because they don't trust their own goods. But we have faith that our formula will work for you. Incontinix is backed by a 67-day money-back guarantee that ensures your complete satisfaction. In other words, you may send the bottles back to us for a full refund of the purchase price if it is not exactly what you were expecting. 

If you are not completely satisfied, you can simply return the bottles with leftover capsules and get a full refund for your entire order. But don't pass up on the chance to feel more in control and live your life instead of feeling like a prisoner of a weak bladder. You will be thankful you tried Incontinix.

It is entirely risk-free to try Incontinix. If you feel our product is not the right match for you for any reason, you can easily return the bottles. We provide a full refund within 67 days of buying our product, even if you used half of it. Simply return the empty bottles.

Clinical studies have shown that you may notice improved bladder control within two weeks of starting a regular intake of Incontinix.

Additionally, you may see a noticeable reduction in the daytime and nighttime bathroom visits the longer you use Incontinix. By that time, you might even forget you ever had bladder concerns!

How do I place an order on this site?

Ordering is simple.

Simply navigate to the page's top by scrolling up.

You will then be able to choose how many bottles of Incontinix you want to begin with.

We advise three months because you'll kick yourself for not getting more immediately if you run out after the first 30 days. You DO NOT want to see these bladder issues resurface if you run out of daily doses. Once you feel more in charge and use the restroom less frequently, you still need to continue taking Incontinix daily for long-term results. 

So, begin with at least three months' worth of daily supply.

Do not forget that you save more money by choosing more bottles.

In addition, each order comes with our helpful "More Control or Your Money Back" guarantee.

So get started right away.

You will be thanking yourself for the wise decision by choosing Incontinix. 

Scroll to the top of this page and choose your package right now. Our advice is to buy six months supply, at least if you live outside the US.


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