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Are you amongst those men who try to avoid intercourse because you’re afraid she will find out you are a premature ejaculate? The fact is that premature ejaculation is a surprisingly common problem, especially for older men. However, it does not have to be that way; supplements like ProSolution+ rely on a revolutionary formula that’s proven to address the problem effectively.

  • Reduce instances of premature ejaculation
  • Enjoy more intense and lasting orgasms
  • Improve the quality of your penile hardness
  • Be ready for sex at all times
  • Last 2x longer in bed!

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About ProSolution+®

ProSolution+ is one of the only, if not the only solution available today that will stop ED in its tracks. It is an all-natural, male enhancement and potency product that has taken the industry by storm. ProSolution+ has helped thousands of men improve their sexual performance and increase satisfaction, which is why we are sure it will help you too.

The formulation includes seven clinically proven herbs, minerals, and vitamins, making ProSolution+ the ultimate solution to all your sexual woes. Every ingredient is unique and has a reputation for being used in many cultures to boost libido, heighten sexual satisfaction and improve erection quality effectively. Thanks to ProSolution+, you are delivered the optimal dosages backed by science.

If you are having a tough time getting a hard-on, or maybe you finish too soon, then you need to invest in a regular dose of ProSolution+. If anything, it will change your life.

How Does ProSolution+ Work?

The way ProSolution+ works is by taking a comprehensive approach to helping improve your sexual wellness. While some ingredients are libido boosters like aphrodisiacs, others are meant to raise the nitric oxide levels in the body.

Over the years, lots of research has proven that nitric oxide helps relax the penile muscles, which means the penis can become harder with more blood flowing into it. That’s why more nitric oxide often equals firmer, fuller, and sustainable erections.

What Results Can I Expect?

ProSolution+ is one of the leading dietary supplements that help build up your system over time. Most people will see results within 3 to 4 weeks, and there will be gradual improvements moving forward. However, users have reported the best results between the 30 and 60 days mark. That’s provided it is used regularly.

Users will also enjoy the cumulative results of using ProSolution+. This will mean you don’t need to stack multiple pills or raise the dosages to enjoy results. All you need is to use ProSolution+ regularly, and your body will thank you for it.

What Dosage Is Needed?

All you need is to take two tablets once daily, which will help optimize your sexual well-being. That means you’ll enjoy sex with your partner whenever you want. However, it can also deliver an extra boost when needed, with an additional tablet an hour before sexual activity. This will ensure that you have a mind-blowing session.

Is It Safe To Take ProSolution+?

Absolutely! ProSolution+ is 100% safe to take. You don’t need a prescription, and it is a herbal supplement with no synthetic ingredients. The formulation is based on science, and we use the highest quality ingredients that money can buy along with advanced extraction methods to deliver optimal results when it comes to safety, purity, and potency. In addition, there are no reported adverse effects from its use.

Like all Leading Edge Health’s products, ProSolution+ is made in the USA in cGMP-compliant facilities. Every box is marked with an expiration date and LOT number for transparency.

Why Choose ProSolution+?

We are aware that there are various other male enhancement supplement brands on the market. However, ProSolution+ has been proven via multiple studies to be more potent than anything else on the market.

Here are a few more reasons to choose ProSolution+:

All-Natural Formulation – The formulation primarily consists of herbs and vitamins, but it also ensures that you are getting the optimal dosage of the best ingredients. That’s why all you need is a single dose a day.

A Comprehensive Approach - ProSolution+ works perfectly to address a myriad of ED-related issues from libido to erectile dysfunction.

You Don’t Need To Wait – You will always be ready for sex. There is no need to wait an hour for the pills to kick in and then suffer from adverse effects.

A Safer Alternative - ProSolution+ has been used by hundreds of men who have not reported adverse effects. It is also safe for men who can’t or don’t want to take prescription medication to treat erectile dysfunction.

Discreet Packaging – When you order ProSolution+ from us, we ensure it is packaged in discreet packaging and arrives at your doorstep unmarked. So, know nobody knows what you are taking.

Hundreds Of Positive Reviews - ProSolution+ has been used and reviewed by hundreds of customers, who recommend that others use it. It is the best male enhancement supplement, with most people who use it once becoming repeat customers.

Is It Right For Me?

In our opinion, almost anyone can and should take advantage of ProSolution+ and its all-natural formulation. Many men start to see signs of premature ejaculation in their mid-20s and then mid-30s. Things become worse from then on, unfortunately. However, there is a way to reverse the symptoms of premature ejaculation by being proactive and taking preventive measures. The only one we recommend is using ProSolution+.

ProSolution+ may not be a quick fix to your issues, but it is a long-term solution that lasts. If you are stuck in a rut and feel there is no way out, ProSolution+ is the light at the end of that tunnel. It is the ideal solution for any man who wants to improve their sex drive, stop PE and improve the quality of their erection.


ProSolution+ uses a powerful formulation that is a culmination of centuries worth of herbal knowledge, the latest extraction methods, clinical research, and potent vitamins. This male performance supplement offers the best doses of all ingredients with excellent potency for every ingredient. That makes ProSolution+ a superb option with proven superior results and no prescription needed.

Tribulus Terrestris

Tribulus Terrestris

If you are looking for the benefits of Tribulus Terrestris, you have come to the right place. It is a potent natural remedy for various health issues, including vaginal yeast infections. Taking Tribulus daily can have multiple benefits, including increased energy and stamina.

A review of clinical trials has indicated that men can experience numerous benefits from taking Tribulus Terrestris. This herb can increase libido, improve erections, and reduce vasomotor symptoms of menopause. In a study of men with low sperm counts, supplementation with 6g of Tribulus root every day for 60 days improved erections and reduced fatigue. One study even found that the herb improved testosterone levels by 16.3%.

Withania Somnifera

Withania Somnifera

Withania Somnifera extracts contain a variety of phytochemicals. These molecules depend on various factors, including soil and environmental stress. The root extracts contain choline, somniferinine, isopelletierine, and alkaloids. In addition to its antioxidant properties, Withania is also beneficial for improving cognition and motor control.

Withania Somnifera is an adaptogen, reducing stress and anxiety levels. Research has shown that regular use of this supplement can reduce cortisol levels in the blood and improve overall well-being. It has been shown to lower cortisol levels by 10% to 30% in six to eight weeks. Additionally, regular consumption of Withania has been found to improve overall sleep quality.

ProSolutions+ includes it in the optimal dosage needed to produce Nitric Oxide and remedy symptoms of premature ejaculation.

Asparagus Adscendens

Asparagus Adscendens

Asparagus is a vegetable with many health benefits. The roots have a brown appearance and produce their so-called milk inside. It is known for being the cure for several conditions.

The herb also promotes higher sperm count in men and decreases problems associated with sex. It has soothing properties that relieve pain and anxiety. In addition, it boosts libido and increases sexual stamina. Several studies have shown that asparagus can help men who suffer from problems related to their sex life.


Mucuna Pruriens

The mucuna pruriens benefits can range from boosting energy levels to treating depression and Parkinson's disease. This supplement contains L-dopa, a precursor to the compound dopamine, responsible for many of our pleasurable experiences. It is also found to be highly beneficial for male fertility.

As of late, the use of the herb has been linked to increased erection frequency and sperm motility in men. In addition, the ingredient is proven to help improve testosterone production, especially in older men.


Asteracantha Longifolia

Asteracantha longifolia benefits include a reduction in glucose levels. Researchers studied the effects of the plant's leaves on diabetic rats. They found that it increased insulin secretion and helped bring glucose levels back to normal. This indicates that Asteracantha Longifolia has the potential to increase insulin secretion from beta cells. Additionally, it shows antioxidant activity in vitro.

It is beneficial for fertility and helps increase sexual desire. Asteracantha Longifoli is also used in traditional Ayurvedic medicine to fight various diseases. It is used to treat multiple conditions, including impotence and swelling of the body. It has also been shown to improve retention time.


​​Curculigo Orchioides

Curculigo Orchioides

You may have heard about the benefits of Curculigo Orchioides, or you might have heard about the herb's many names such as golden eye-grass, Kali Musli, and Syah (black) Musli. This plant is a small herb with a tuberous rootstock native to India. It is used in a popular tonic for increasing strength and vitality but is beneficial for many other health conditions.

The Curculigo Orchioides plant is a perennial herb that is used for a variety of ailments. It contains rhizomes, leaves, and flowers and has medicinal qualities. These benefits include anti-cancer, immunostimulant, and arthritic effects. It is also excellent for treating sexual dysfunction of various types.



Ayurvedic herb Shilajit helps to reduce fatigue, improve stamina and improve blood circulation. It also enhances the immune system and positively affects the body's overall health.

Asphaltum is made of a mixture of organic acids, herbal compounds, and metallic compounds in its natural state. The combination is a fraction of the organic matter found in soil. This substance is often found in the form of Shilajit, which is also known as Asphaltum punjabinum. It is cultivated in mountainous regions, including India, Bhutan, Tibet, and Gilgit. Its benefits include improved stamina, skin elasticity, vitality, premature ejaculation, improved health, and even a youthful appearance.

Clinical Studies

ProSolution+ was studied by the American Journal of Therapeutics. The study included 148 healthy men volunteers between the ages of 21 and 60, selected based on several criteria. Each participant was shown to have a moderate issue with their erection, but their problems also included low interest in sex, and some suffered from premature ejaculation.

After the right candidates were selected, the two-month study commenced. Have of those who participated were given ProSolution+. The others took a placebo but at the exact dosages.

This is referred to as a triple-blind study. This means that nobody knew what each man was taking, including the researchers. That was to ensure that nothing skewed the results of the study.

The Objective

The researchers considered several parameters during this extensive 60-day study. They wanted to compare how men responded to either the placebo or taking ProSolution+ in terms of their erection quality, premature ejaculation, and overall sexual performance.

The Results

At the end of the study, the men taking ProSolution+ reported the following via a questionnaire:

  • 67% of those involved saw an improvement in their erectile quality.
  • 64% reported an improvement in their erectile issues.
  • 78% said their sexual satisfaction improved.
  • 48% say an improvement in overall sexual function.

The men who were taking the placebo didn’t report any changes. On the other hand, those given ProSolution+ reported a laundry list of benefits, including the ones we listed above.


The clinical study was published in the American Journal of Therapeutics and showed that ProSolution+ worked as advertised. Thanks to regular optimal dosages, the unique formulation of ProSolution+ seemingly worked wonders to reverse symptoms of erectile dysfunction and help them regain confidence in the bedroom.



Glad I tried it!

Very nice idea to buy this, works as intended!


The products have been great and my…

The products have been great and my consultant very knowledgeable and helpful. I am very satisfied with my results.


Love this product I’m 31 and my sex…

Love this product I’m 31 and my sex drive is like never before while taking these. I like to use these in conjunction with Volume Pills. I feel like a porn star I can ejaculate for days and always ready to have sex.


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