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Prosolution Pills

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Do you want to have more fun in your sex life? Want to improve your performance in bed and have more desire? If you want to experience more intense orgasms and healthier sex life, then ProSolution Pills can help you.

Here is how ProSolution Pills can change your life:

  • Generate more desire
  • Experience bigger, harder and stiffer erections than ever before
  • Have more stamina in bed
  • More intense orgasms
  • A great all-natural alternative
  • You don’t need a prescription for it

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Let’s face it low testosterone is something every man will have to face at some point in their life. Testosterone naturally decreases as we age, which means men start experiencing lower libido, combined with less stamina. However, ProSolution Pills promises to change all of that by helping men enjoy firmer erections, pleasing their partners and themselves to the fullest.

Many men look at slowing down in bed as part of the aging process. Sure, everyone will experience it, but the good news is that there is something that you can do about it. Whether it is a lack of desire or erection issues, or maybe both, ProSolution Pills can give you the boost needed to stay healthy and frisky in bed.

ProSolution Pills include everything you’d ever need to become the star performer in bed and even out of bed. The blend is consistent with the latest research, as well as adheres to ancient medicinal knowledge, which is guaranteed to improve desire, sexual pleasure and, most of all, make you feel younger.

All ingredients in the formulation help reverse common male performance issues by mainly working from the inside.

  • You benefit from a scientifically tested formulation that increases stamina and size.
  • Minerals and antioxidants help to boost vigor and cell health.
  • The supplements and extracts work great to improve blood flow to the penis.
  • We have used ancient medical ingredients referred to as aphrodisiacs.

ProSolution Pills are designed to treat your body as a whole, helping you feel better, last longer in bed, and boost your confidence. This means you enjoy healthier and fuller sex life.

How Do ProSolution Pills Work?

As a man, this may be hard to wrap your head around, but allow us to explain. Sex involves the whole body. You need to have strong muscles, stamina, and excellent blood flow to enjoy sex. ProSolution Pills delivers all of that to ensure that your sex life is better than it ever was by:

Enhancing the pleasure centers located in the brain means that you will feel good, have a higher libido and more testosterone as a result.

You will also have healthy blood flow, which translates to harder erections and bigger loads when it comes time to finish.

It improves your sexual performance in bed by giving you more stamina, better control over your orgasm, confidence, and larger penis size.

The all-natural formulation addresses all areas of your sexual health, plus it does so without any adverse effects. After all, that’s one of the reasons why all-natural formulations are superior to drugs and surgical procedures.

How Long Before You See Results?

Since ProSolution Pills is an all-natural supplement, it does not work instantly like a drug. You will notice results gradually over time. Generally, men start seeing results after 3 to 4 weeks of taking it. The time it takes varies for everyone. Some people will readily absorb the ingredients, which will change the body chemistry sooner; for others, it may take longer. However, you should see optimal results within 60 days.

The good news is that the effects are cumulative, so we offer deep discounts on larger, multi-month packages, which should help maintain your sexual health. Once most of our customers see what ProSolution Pills can do for them or have already done for them, they want to continue taking them.

So, the next question is, are the results long-term?

Yes, the results are long-term; after all, it is an all-natural formulation that uses a laundry list of trusted ingredients without adverse effects. However, like with all supplements, they work by changing the body’s chemistry on the inside. That’s why you will see the best, most lasting effects by continuing to use ProSolution Pills.

Why Use ProSolution Pills?

ProSolution Pills is one of the few supplements that treat men from the inside out, which helps increase size, desire, and overall performance. It boosts confidence both in and out of bed. Let’s face it everyone wants to improve their sex life and their drive, regardless of age, and ProSolution Pills can make it possible.

But why would you want to deal with having an embarrassing conversation, thinking about the adverse effects, or even taking up the hassle of doctor visits when ProSolution Pills provides the ultimate answer.

Below are a couple of reasons why men have chosen to use ProSolution Pills:

100% all-natural formulation using researched ingredients - ProSolution Pills is a blend of natural, trusted, and high-quality ingredients. We don’t use synthetic additives or fillers. That is what makes it more potent than anything else out there.

No Rx – You don’t need a prescription or visit a doctor to have an embarrassing conversation about using it. Most of all, there are no adverse effects.

Easy to use and discreetly shipped – We will ship the items in discreet packaging when you buy directly online. That way, nobody has to know that you’re taking ProSolution Pills.

Discounted pricing – You will save more money with bulk orders. So, buy a year’s supply at least and enjoy being a brand-new man.

Money-Back Guarantee – We back ProSolution Pills with a 100% money-back guarantee. That’s why you don’t need to worry about it if it does not work. If it does not work for you, return the empty bottles and all the remaining supplies within 67 days, and we’ll process a full refund.

Clinically studied - ProSolution Pills has been independently studied, and hundreds of reviews prove that it works.

Should You Take ProSolution Pills?

As human beings’ sex is a big part of your life. Having great sex makes you feel better. If you think your sexual health needs a boost, ProSolution Pills can help you. It will help rekindle your passion in bed, satisfy your partner and improve your general wellbeing. Most of all, there are no nasty adverse effects associated with its use.


ProSolution Pills uses a synergistic combination of the most potent, proven, and all-natural ingredients to boost your penis size, virility, performance, and sex drive. The formulation is packed with a proven list of amino acids, herbs, and natural libido boosters. It also offers the best blend of ancient and modern ingredients guaranteed to take your sex life to the next level.

ProSolution Pills’ formulation includes:



One of the most popular male enhancement ingredients is Solidilin. It contains L-dopa, which increases motivation during intercourse and enhances the feelings of pleasure. L-Dopa is an important neurotransmitter that regulates reward, movement, and pleasure. When this chemical is produced in the body, it increases testosterone levels and improves sexual satisfaction. However, the exact mechanisms by which Solidilin boosts motivation and pleasure remain unclear.

​Korean Ginseng

​Korean Ginseng

The first recorded use of Korean Ginseng as a medicinal plant was around 100 AD, though it was used even before that. It was widely used in China in the 1st century BC, and emperors considered it a cure-all herb. It was consumed by royalty and even used in bathwater and soaps. The most important part of this plant is the mature root, which is long and slender, much like the human body. The older the root, the higher the benefit.

It helps with hardness, erection, and overall sexual health when taken as a supplement.

 ​Butea Superba

​​Butea Superba

This herb grows in the wild in Southeast Asia. Its long, spiky roots resemble those of yams and develop into tubers, which look like elephant tusks. When sliced open, the tubers reveal red fibers, with red sap leaking out. The plant reproduces through tubers, seeds, and the division of roots. When consumed, Butea Superba improves libido, sexual function, and mood.

It increases sperm counts, which is an important factor for men who want to conceive. In 2006, researchers at the University of California San Diego reported that Butea Superba significantly increased sperm counts in animal models.



It is commonly referred to as bitter melon; it is commonly found in subtropical regions of the world. The extract from the Momordica plant is used to treat several health issues. It comes packed with several nutrients like Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and folate, amongst others. The extract is a potent testosterone booster and helps men lose unwanted fat, especially around the belly.


Apigenin and Amla

When combined, both of these ingredients will and have been shown to increase sexual health. A few limited studies show initial promise of these ingredients being able to combat cancer. The combination of the ingredients helps to clear out blood vessels, which allows support erectile health.



When it comes to healthy blood vessels, Arjuna is known for cleaning out the body. It helps to make blood vessels healthy while improving blood pressure. Having healthy blood vessels and good blood circulation are key to having a hard erection.



It is less of a herb and more of a fungus that has been used in Chinese medicine for centuries to treat various conditions from low libido to fatigue. As of late human trials have shown that the supplement can help to raise testosterone naturally and put the sex drive into top gear.


Zinc Oxide

Zinc is one of the best minerals or metals as it is called for sexual function. Zinc oxide helps to increase sperm count and motility. It also helps to metabolize testosterone, making it one of the most potent ingredients in the mix.

Reishi Mushroom

Reishi Mushroom

It is very popular in Eastern medicine. The ingredient is known for being an excellent anti-inflammatory agent and having antibacterial properties, which help boost overall health. Men using Reishi mushrooms see an improvement in their energy, stamina, and time in bed.

Clinical Trials

Our discussion of ProSolution Pills will be incomplete without discussing the science behind the supplement.

Myosin Phosphatase is a highly potent relaxing agent used to relax the muscles in the penis. The other Rho-kinase II is a protein that negatively affects Myosin Phosphatase, which means that it tries to reverse the relaxing feeling.

The reason why relaxed muscles are so important is that they help to increase blood flow to the penis, which helps in getting that hard erection. That means it is essential to inhibit the effects of Rho-kinase II for harder erections. That’s why ProSolution Pills come packed with Rho-kinase II inhibitors resulting in harder and longer erections.

Leading Edge Health was so confident that ProSolution Pills worked like a charm that we submitted the supplement to the Vedic Lifesciences for an independent review.

The test mainly examined the actions of Rho-kinase II on the Myosin Phosphatase when a single ProSolution Pill is used. The results showed that using ProSolution Pills helped decrease the action of Rho-Kinase II, which helped to increase the ability of Myosin Phosphatase to raise penile blood flow resulting in firmer and larger erections.

Based on the results, scientists at the Vedic Lifesciences agreed that at a higher dosage and for a longer duration, the treatment would help to improve its action. That means taking two ProSolution Pills a day over a period of around six months has shown to increase the size and intensity of an erection.

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Very Happy and Satisfied

This is a really great product, I have used for six months, it works and my girlfriend is very happy and satisfied.


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