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ProSolution® Gel

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Today, we will change your life by making you switch from over-the-counter lubricants to ProSolution® Gel. It is undoubtedly the latest and the best all-natural lubricant, formulated with aphrodisiacs and backed by science to meet your tropical treatment needs. It is designed to help amplify your erections and increase pleasure, ensuring intense orgasms.

Here is why you should make the switch to ProSolution® Gel:

  • Experience results almost immediately
  • Witness an increase in the size and strength of your erection
  • Have more stamina with more intense orgasms
  • Warming sensations for the couple
  • A water-based, smooth lubricant
  • Compatible with toys and condoms
  • Uses all-natural, proven ingredients

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ProSolution® Gel is for people ready to take the training wheels off their personal lubricant choices. Our sexual herbal makes sure that you are prepared to go instantly, with the formulation quickly absorbing through the skin to stimulate blood flow to the penis. This is what makes ProSolution® Gel the best natural enhancement lubricant on the market that’s changing people’s sex lives; in fact, it is transforming it off the charts!

Not only is ProSolution® Gel a personal lubricant, but it will help make your erection harder, thicker, and longer-lasting. If anything, this should make your partner very happy. Furthermore, it helps boost stamina and overall pleasure. The best thing is that, unlike so many others on the market, ProSolution® Gel does not include any chemicals. It is 100% herbal, so there are no nasty adverse effects to deal with when using it.

The other great thing about ProSolution® Gel is that the solution is water-based, which means it is non-sticky, ensuring slipperiness, and when the time comes, it is easy to clean. Furthermore, it can easily be used with a condom and any toys you enjoy using. The refreshing fresh mint scent and the tingling sensation will ensure that you enjoy fantastic sex. Thanks to ProSolution® Gel, drugstore formulations are no longer relevant. ProSolution® Gel is proving to be the future of sexual enhancement and lubrication.

The fact is that the bigger your erections, the better you will perform and the more control you will have. All of this means that you will have more confidence in bed, which results in intense pleasure for both parties. That is how ProSolution® Gel is taking men’s sex lives to a whole new level, and it can change yours too.

How To Use ProSolution® Gel?

Using ProSolution® Gel is like any other gel you might have used. All you need is to apply enough of it to your member. This is where all the fun will start, with you or your partner massaging it gently. After a few minutes of rubbing, the results will kick in, and this is something that’s hard to miss. If anything, you may experience the stiffest erection ever.

ProSolution® Gel has been designed to ensure that it has a silky smooth, water-based formulation minus any stickiness. Plus, this makes it easier to clean up after the act. Also, you will see results almost immediately because of its topical application. This is far better than remembering to take pills each day. In addition, you can choose to use it as frequently as you want or even sparingly.

How Does ProSolution® Gel Work?

ProSolution® Gel’s formulation was carefully designed, taking advantage of the latest discoveries in sexual sciences.

The primary ingredient in ProSolution® Gel is a highly potent nitric oxide booster. Nitric Oxide is a natural vasodilator that helps smoothen the muscle fibers, allowing more blood into the penile tissue. Many of the supplements sold at Leading Edge Health have ingredients meant to boost the natural production of nitric oxide in the body. However, topical nitric oxide enhancement tends to be more immediate when boosting the size of erections.

In a recent study titled, Development and Therapeutic applications of nitric oxide. The study highlighted the use of various ingredients that help increase the amount of nitric oxide produced by the body and its effects on people who have erectile dysfunction. Dr. Kelvin P.Davies discovered that by applying nitric oxide enhancers directly to the skin, the results are near-instant, more effective, and help to address erectile dysfunction by increasing the amount of blood flowing.

Most people reading this already know that blood flow is what makes an erection hard. The more blood flowing to your member, the harder it will get and the better quality of the erection. It also means that you both will enjoy the experience.

But there is more…

ProSolution® Gel also helps to lengthen and add more girth to the penis, which gives you more control. This means that you can perform without having to worry about losing steam or maybe finishing too early.

Several ingredients work as a lubricant to help keep everything feeling silky and smooth. Also, most if not all men have reported that they enjoy the warm and tingling sensation that it adds to heighten the experience for both. This also means that your finishes will be more intense.

When Will I See Results?

The best thing about using ProSolution® Gel is that the results come immediately. You don’t need to wait around for a long time like you would when using supplement pills; that need to work from the inside out to boost your natural process. While they do have a place in your long-term sexual health, ProSolution® Gel is more of a quick boost. The formulation absorbs through the skin, which means you’ll see results right away. In addition, you will experience instant gratification with a healthier, more prominent member, with a performance that will make your partner enjoy every minute.

While the biggest benefit of using ProSolution® Gel is that it delivers immediate results, it will also help to improve your erections and performance in bed over time. So, the longer you use it, the better.

Can ProSolution® Gel Be used Long-Term?

We see no reason why it can’t be used long term. As mentioned earlier, the longer you use it, the better. It is perfectly safe, thanks to its all-natural formulation that saturates your system. This will mean it will become more effective over time, translating to stronger erections and more stamina in bed.

Most men will see the best results within 60 to 90 days of using it, as it takes a while for the active ingredients to build up in the system. However, at the 60-day mark, most men notice that their member is in the best shape it has ever been and is ready to perform right away.

At Leading Edge Health, we are confident that the formulation works and that we’ve backed it with a 100% money-back guarantee. This isn’t something you’ll ever get or have experienced with regular over-the-counter drugstore lube. We are confident it works and are willing to put our money where our claim is…enough said!

Why Choose to Use ProSolution® Gel?

Whether you want to take your sexual health to the next level or prevent it from declining, ProSolution® Gel is the answer to your woes. Its impressive results ensure that you continue to have the power of a hard erection and keep your partner more than satisfied in the bedroom. Not to mention you enjoy instant results. But there is more to it than just these claims.

Over the years, men have continued to trust ProSolution® Gel to take their lives to the next level. Here are a couple of factors that will help you make the right and best choice:

A natural herbal formulation – One of the best things about ProSolution® Gel is that it contains only natural aphrodisiacs and enhancers backed by science.

No need for a prescription or to visit a doctor – Using ProSolution® Gel does not require a doctor’s prescription, which often means having an embarrassing conversation about your member. Since this is not a drug, there are no adverse effects, and no prescription is needed.

We don’t use chemicals – You don’t have to worry about putting this on the most delicate part of your body since there are no harsh chemicals used.

Convenience and privacy – We make sure that it arrives packaged in discreet packaging when you order from us and at your doorstep.

Discount packages – The more ProSolution® Gel you buy, the more you will save. Our advice is to buy a year’s supply of it at least.

Is This The Right Solution For You?

Yes, it is the right solution for anyone who wants to enjoy a long, hard, and stiff erection, allowing them to perform as they would in their 20s in bed. Not only does it ensure that you have lots of fun, but it satisfies your partner to the fullest. The easy application, and the non-sticky nature of ProSolution® Gel, make it perfect for everyone… and did we mention the minty smell? It is designed to turn you on!


ProSolution® Gel packs the power of the best, most potent male enhancement ingredients. It does all of that in an enjoyable gel-based solution that delivers the nutrients directly to where it is needed, i.e., the penis.

Below is a breakdown of what ProSolution® Gel’s formulation includes:



It is an amino acid that helps boost the amount of nitric oxide in the blood, consequently dilating blood vessels and helping you get a harder erection. According to research, nitric oxide is the most critical component for treating erectile issues.


Aloe Vera

The great thing about aloe vera is that it is excellent at penetrating the skin, which helps to ensure that the nutrients in ProSolution® Gel are absorbed right away. In addition, it is packed with antioxidants and vitamins like A and C.

​Bearberry Extract

Bearberry Extract

It has been used for centuries to treat various urinary tract infections. It helps with fluid movement, ensuring that you experience a big erection and a climax like you never have before.

Mango Butter

Mango Butter

Mango Butter is an excellent lubricant. It is so good that it has been used for centuries as an aphrodisiac, helping with your sex drive. This will mean that you can show up strong as ever when needed.



This will help to warm up your genitals. Yes, this gives it that tingling sensation, but it also ensures you have more staying power. This means you can go the distance and then some in bed.


Vitamin C

Most men may not know this, but Vitamin C packs an enormous punch for your antics in the bedroom. According to studies, it can help to boost sex drive and help men recover faster. All you need is to apply it to your penis, and it takes hardness to a whole new level.


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