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Bone Complex

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PrimeGENIX® Bone Complex: This revolutionary all-natural bone support system is optimally designed to provide maximal bone regeneration, increased bone mass, and protection from bone injuries to men in their 30s, 40s, and 50s. The formula is scientifically substantiated and doctor-recommended. Constructed with TEN dynamic ingredients – like MCHA (a calcium compound with superior absorption capacity) – Bone Complex can deliver results with a single daily serving and NO known negative side effects.

  • Maximize Bone Density
  • Lessen Bone Loss
  • Decrease Fracture Risk
  • Promote Bone Mineralization
  • Scientifically-Supported Ingredients
  • 100% Natural Formulation
  • Doctor-Recommended

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Have You Ever Noticed How Almost NO Bone Supplements Are Ever Designed FOR Men?

You’re a guy, maybe in your mid-30s or into your 40s and 50s. You LOVE your active, physically-engaging lifestyle. BUT…

… you can’t rid yourself of troubling bone health difficulties…


  • Reduced bone density
  • Diminished bone strength
  • Bone pain or injuries
  • Declining bone mineralization
  • Problematic bone loss

…so you might have looked around for a bone supplement ideally formulated for men. And perhaps you noticed something a bit off-putting?

Like, the fact that almost EVERY SINGLE bone-supporting health supplement is designed for women over 65 years old? What’s up with that? The sad reality is:

That’s where the big-time profits are made!

It’s like selling water in the Sahara desert because women typically have smaller, more vulnerable bones, comprising compact skeletal structures that are far more likely to show cracks and break down with age. Older ladies are always buying these supplements - that’s why nearly every bone supplement caters to their needs.

What about the physically active men in their 30s, 40s, and 50s who might have some bone problems? Are we just completely lost in the crowd, neglected by all the bone health supplement makers?

Not anymore!

The good news is that PrimeGENIX® Bone Complex has ably filled this niche with our expertly crafted bone support system specifically formulated to help men.

PrimeGENIX® Is Committed To Naturally Optimizing Bone Health For Men

PrimeGENIX® was, and to this day is, the only health supplement company totally committed to assisting the men of Generation X (those born between 1965 and 1980) in performing better, reaching higher, and attaining their loftiest physical goals. We’ve gotten fed up with seeing our brothers have to “give up” the sports, weight training routines, and other activities they love. That’s why we decided to “get off our butts” and do something about it.

You’ll learn more below why PrimeGENIX® stands out as a MAN AMONGST BOYS in the realm of all-natural bone supplements. However, before we jump into that, it’s crucial to understand the little-talked-about issues that come with “traditional” or “standard” calcium compounds and the MASSIVE improvements MCHA (a superior calcium compound) has brought about.

Is Calcium Really The Best Answer For Strengthening Bones?

Getting more calcium is the answer to building stronger, more durable bones, right? NOT EXACTLY!

Look: Yes, of course, calcium plays a vital role in the formation and continuous maintenance of healthy, resilient bones. There’s no denying that, BUT recent eyebrow-raising studies have demonstrated that “standard” calcium compounds don’t absorb well in the human body. This is why many guys continuously pop calcium pills and STILL NEVER experience any benefits.

HOWEVER, thanks to modern science and nutritional advancements, we’ve been given a calcium compound with VASTLY SUPERIOR absorption capacity, allowing for significantly greater bone nourishment. This breakthrough compound is called Microcrystalline Calcium Hydroxyapatite, or MCHA.

Why MCHA Is The Premier Calcium Compound For Men

Sadly, because of the low absorption rates typical of standard calcium compounds, many men throw away their money on subpar supplements that can’t get the job done, no matter how much they take. To make matters worse, those guys spend years ingesting these worthless products - all the while thinking they're building better bone structure - only to realize their bone density has ACTUALLY declined. It’s an OUTRAGE, to say the least!

For that reason, MCHA represents an impressive innovation in bone health science.

MCHA is formulated to absorb more efficiently than standard calcium, meaning it will actually get into your bones in sufficient amounts for growth rather than being “pissed away” by your digestive system.

FURTHERMORE… MCHA contains other bone-supporting nutrients like zinc, phosphorous, and collagen. This is why numerous studies have reported that MCHA is potent enough to provide ample bone health improvements all on its own.

The all-natural compound works by promoting the production of osteoblast cells that are vital to bone mineralization and bone cell regeneration. AND MCHA utilizes hydroxyapatite crystals (not found in standard calcium) known to encourage even more bone cell proliferation.

Based on all of that information, adding MCHA into the Bone Complex formulation DID NOT require a second thought. However, we wanted to build something special, so we added an additional 9 scientifically-backed all-natural ingredients to yield tremendous FULL-SPECTRUM bone enhancements.

“Hydroxyapatite [MCHA] also stimulates bone osteoblast cells and contains virtually all the essential building blocks needed to construct bone.”

Graph: Change in % Cortical Bone Thickness

PrimeGENIX® Bone Complex The Premier Bone Support Complex Tailored To Serve Men’s Needs

For too many years, men, especially those aged 30-60, have been neglected by the bone health supplement industry. Finding an all-natural bone-supporting complex for this demographic - one with research-supported ingredients served in clinically backed sizes has been literally impossible. As we know, men have LARGER bones and MASSIVE skeletal frames compared to women. YET, we shouldn’t be made to suffer for it.

With that in mind, the talented team at PrimeGENIX® - a company whose sole purpose is to construct elite health supplements for “middle-aged” guys - thought up, designed, and built Bone Complex from scratch.

Our once-daily supplement is powerfully constructed with TEN dynamic nutrients proven to stimulate enhanced bone health - allowing you to achieve boosted bone density, lessened risk of bone fractures, and better overall bone health NATURALLY - so you can live the vigorous, physically active lifestyle you thrive on.

PLUS… our distinctive formulation supplies a high-quality form of MCHA - a natural calcium compound with TOP-NOTCH absorbability and ADDITIONAL minerals to support huge gains. You’ll witness tremendous benefits prompting greater CONFIDENCE and immense PHYSICAL CAPABILITIES even as you get older.

Benefits Bone Complex Can Provide For You

  1. 1. Growing Bone Density
  2. 2. Less Bone Loss
  3. 3. Enhanced Bone Strength
  4. 4. Reduced Risk of Injury
  5. 5. Quicker Recovery Time
  6. 6. Improved Bone Mineralization
  7. 7. Greater Calcium Uptake
  8. 8. Lower Age-Induced Bone Decline

Comprised Of Ingredients Supported By The Best Scientific Data

“Hydroxyapatite [MCHA] and Vit D3 significantly improved serological markers of bone health.”
Open Heart (BMJ Journals)

“Vitamin K can modulate bone metabolism.”

“Boron is able to promote the proliferation and differentiation of mammalian osteoblasts by accelerating the flow of calcium ions.”
Journal of Trace Elements in Medicine and Biology

“Zinc takes part in the growth and maintenance of healthy bones.”
Biological Trace Element Research

“Greater dietary vitamin C intake was associated with a lower risk of hip fracture.”
British Journal of Nutrition

“Mg [Magnesium] therapy prevented fractures and resulted in a significant increase in bone density.”

“Manganese assists enzymes that build bone.”
Harvard University (T.H. Chan School of Public Health)

“Phosphorus is as important as calcium in supporting bone augmentation and maintenance.”
Mayo Clinic Proceedings

“The combination of vitamin K and D can significantly increase the total BMD [Bone Mass Density].”
Food & Function

“Vitamin C is essential to the formation of collagen, the foundation that bone mineralization is built on. Studies have associated increased vitamin C levels with greater bone density.”
American Bone Health

Dr. Kaleb Redden - Orthopedic Injury Specialist & Sports Medicine Physician - Endorses PrimeGENIX® Bone Complex

Dr. Kaleb Redden is a seasoned physician with years of experience helping UFC fighters, Olympic athletes, and professional rodeo riders recover from and prevent severe bone injuries. In that time, he’s learned a thing or two about bone health. And “Doc Thor,” as he’s lovingly called, gives Bone Complex his full endorsement.

As a “middle-aged” guy and competitive fitness athlete himself, Dr. Redden understands the difficulties age and a vigorous lifestyle can impart on the skeletal structure. So, he recommends Bone Complex to men in their 30s, 40s, and 50s who want to enhance bone health naturally.

Check Out All 10 Potent Natural Ingredients In Bone Complex

Every time you use Bone Complex, you’re nourishing your bones with TEN natural compounds shown to have dynamic impacts for promoting bone density, reducing bone fractures, and optimizing bone wellness. That includes a healthy dose (900mg) of Microcrystalline Calcium Hydroxyapatite, aka MCHA. THAT ALONE could be enough to stimulate impressive bone development.

But why quit when you’re ahead? You’ll notice a plethora of highly dynamic nutrients in Bone Complex because we wanted to provide men with a FULL-SPECTRUM bone support system, ensuring sustainable bone wellness for years to come, regardless of age.


This calcium compound, known for its superior absorbability, has seriously shaken up the science around bone health, especially for men. Our Microcrystalline Calcium Hydroxyapatite (MCHA) is extracted from free-range bovine, supplying the cleanest nutritional value on the market. With MCHA, your bones can absorb more calcium molecules and exhibit significantly greater improvements than with standard calcium.

Vitamin D3

If you’ve been following recent health studies, then you probably know this potent vitamin is essential for several physiological processes and is especially important for guys. Evidence suggests a higher intake of vitamin D can substantially reduce the risk of bone fractures. It also enhances the uptake of calcium molecules in bones, among other benefits.

Vitamin K

Vitamin K is needed to synthesize proteins throughout the body - pertaining to bone health - this vitamin naturally stimulates the production of a special protein called osteocalcin, which binds to calcium during bone mineralization, enhancing the efficiency of the process.

Vitamin C

Many people know vitamin C is crucial for good health, but were you aware it’s also critical to bone health? That's because adequate vitamin C intake is necessary to form collagen, a protein that supports healthy bone structure. Additionally, it’s a potent antioxidant known to shield bone cells from oxidative stress.


A trace mineral that contributes to greater bone wellness, boron can raise the effectiveness of vitamin D by enhancing its stability in the body. On top of that, boron is necessary for proper collagen synthesis while also boosting calcium retention rates.


This mineral plays multiple roles in relation to optimizing bone health. It’s needed to activate key enzymes that stimulate bone cell regeneration. Plus, copper supports enhanced calcium absorption in bones and helps to build critical bone-supporting proteins.


Magnesium helps to support greater physical strength and promotes improved bone density. Evidence shows that ingesting more magnesium can massively reduce the likelihood of experiencing bone fractures.


Highly concentrated in your bones and teeth, phosphorus combines with calcium to provide strength and rigidity to your skeletal frame. It also aids in ensuring your bones get more calcium by sparking several biochemical reactions essential to absorption.


A “powerhouse” mineral, zinc is critical to the formation of many proteins and stimulates bone-building enzymes. And it activates osteoblasts, the cells that produce new bone and repair injured bone tissue. Research shows higher zinc levels are associated with increased bone mineralization.


A mineral with strong restorative powers, manganese invigorates many of the enzymes vital to producing healthy bone tissue. It works synergistically with other Bone Complex ingredients like calcium and phosphorus to further improve their efficiency. For those reasons, it’s fair to say this ingredient is essential to reducing age-related bone loss.

It Only Takes 1 Serving Per Day To Achieve Massive Gains In Bone Health

Achieving massive gains in bone density and bone mineralization has never been easier. With Bone Complex, you’ll only need ONE serving daily, with the meal of your choosing. Each serving can be between 1-6 capsules, depending on your specific situation.

Bone Complex Is Made In America

We’re proud to say that each and every molecule in Bone Complex is made in the United States of America. We manufacture our formula in cGMP-certified facilities, inspected by the FDA, to meet the highest safety standards in the industry. So, you can rest assured you’re getting a consistently high-quality supplement with Bone Complex.

Bone Complex Helps You Keep Your Hard-Earned Money

Remember, Bone Complex provides you with not just one or two bone-supporting compounds but a total of TEN elite all-natural ingredients proven to aid in boosting bone wellness.

Now, ponder for a moment. How much do you think each of those individual ingredients would cost? Not to mention the time and energy it would take to assemble them all…

…WELL, not only would it take most of your day, but it would also run you at least $150 per month. And that’s a conservative estimate, assuming you bought your ingredients in bulk.

Incredibly, Bone Complex can deliver you with all those ingredients sourced from EXCELLENT suppliers…

… for a tiny fraction of the price!

In making Bone Complex, we set out to bring value to active men in their 30s, 40s, and 50s, but we wanted to supply MASSIVE impact at a reasonable price. This way, you won’t have to break the bank just to ensure healthier bones!

Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee Backs You For 67 Days

You can try Bone Complex RISK-FREE for 67 days. That’s right, if you use Bone Complex and find yourself unhappy with the results, simply send it back. You’ll receive a refund of the purchase price for all used and unused packaging. There’s NO CATCH. There’s NO FINE PRINT…

…just a rock-solid guarantee for a rock-solid bone health supplement.

Does that seem fair to you?

Rid Yourself Of Worry Over Bone Health & Maximize Your Physical Capacity!

Visualize a life free of unrelenting concern about bone health, a life where you are confident in your physical foundation…

…allowing you to achieve GREATER feats, regularly participate in the ACTIVITIES YOU LOVE, and THRIVE for years to come…

…with your bones STANDING UP to the rigorous test of time.

That would be marvelous, right?

It’s there for the taking. And the choice is yours to make.

You’ve discovered the astonishing benefits Bone Complex can bring to your life, with just ONE serving a day and NO known negative side effects. Now’s the time…

… to say never again to pesky bone health issues, and start living life on YOUR TERMS!

Just go up and select the most suitable package for you.

PrimeGENIX® Bone Complex - Frequently Asked Questions

Numerous scientific studies and clinical reports say that the active ingredients in Bone Complex can supply ample benefits for bone health.

These include:

  • Reduced incidence of bone fractures
  • Lessened bone loss
  • Increased bone density
  • Greater bone strength
  • Lowered age-induced bone deterioration
  • Enhanced bone cell regeneration
  • Quicker recovery from bone injuries
  • More efficient calcium absorption in bones
  • Higher levels of bone mineralization

Bone Complex is optimally designed to help men in their 30s, 40s, and 50s, especially those leading physically active lifestyles.

However, Bone Complex should provide bone health benefits for all users.

It’s important to note that all ingredients in Bone Complex were incorporated into the formula based on scientific evidence. And they

work synergistically together to bring optimal bone support.

The key ingredient, MCHA (Microcrystalline Calcium Hydroxyapatite), is significantly more absorbable than “standard” calcium, which means it will provide vastly enhanced nourishment levels to your bones for more excellent outcomes.

The additional 9 all-natural ingredients in Bone Complex only add more value to the elite gains our supplement supplies.

If you’ve ever had a bone injury, then you likely know that healthy bone regeneration can feel like it takes forever. In fact, many bone injuries won’t properly heal for 2-5 months.

The point being - achieving optimal bone health doesn’t happen overnight. Healthy cell proliferation is a long process.

However, if you use Bone Complex daily, you should begin to notice benefits in 2 months on average. The supplement response time can vary based on many factors. So, some people will see gains sooner.

Can Bone Complex help me to lower the chances of bone injuries?

Look, your #1 defense against bone injuries, like fractures, is going to be strengthened bones with improved density - bones that can show resilience in the face of continual stress and pressure…

… unlike weak, brittle bones, which will simply crack and fall apart.

Research demonstrates that the high-quality ingredients in Bone Complex can fuel enhanced bone strength thanks to more significant bone mineralization and an uptick in calcium absorption.

Ingredients like MCHA, vitamin K, vitamin D, vitamin C, and phosphorous should supply you with the defense you need to avoid most bone damage.

Thus, you can feel confident with your improved skeletal structure, making concerns about injuries a thing of the past.

Yes. Bone Complex can supply your bones with vital nutrients to expedite the recovery process.

Specific compounds like copper and zinc are known to stimulate formidable bone cell regeneration, allowing your bone tissue to bounce back stronger and put you right back in the game.

Yes. Bone Complex is 100% natural and has no reported negative side effects.

It’s designed to be taken daily for ideal results.

Does the guarantee have any type of “fine print”?

No. Our guarantee has no “fine print” and no gimmicks.

We believe Bone Complex will work for you. And we’re willing to “plant our flag” on that belief.

If it doesn’t help you, you should get a refund or the purchase price. It’s that simple.

Do you offer any kind of special deal to get a lower price on Bone Complex?

Yes. When you order Bone Complex in bulk, you’ll save loads on a per-bottle basis. The more you buy, the more you will save.

Check out our various pricing packages above.

Free shipping may be available on some orders, so take a look at that, too.


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